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Movie dialogue: Downton Abbey  






A fortune hunter;  财富猎手;

Dont push your luck. 别得寸进尺

Go to bed at once! 马上去睡觉!

Youre sailing perilously close to the window. 你越来越胆大了。

What is it to you ? 你脑子又在转什么?

Be off with you. 放心走吧

He is so agile. 眼疾手快

You are filthy little rat.你是龌龊小人

Odious women. 讨厌的女人

Get rid of her. 拜托她

Dont quarrel with him. 吵架

I was flattered . 受宠若惊

Lives altered you. 改变了你

You are not virtuous. 行为不检点。

He is a nice decent man. 好的,体面的男人

As many times as it takes. 到什么时候为止。

Snuff box. 鼻烟壶

Silly beggar .傻瓜 (褒义)

Fight fire with fire. 以其人之道还其人之身

The arms of a slut. 荡妇手里

I do admire him. 敬佩

Put that back in your pipe and smoke it . 闭嘴

Your daughter is more practical than you. 你的女儿比你更实际。

Any more than Im much good at building my life on shifting sands. 把生活建海市蜃楼

Whatever your prospects. 无论你的地位如何 

Son-in-law 女婿

The filthy, ungraceful cow.那个贱人

Mustard and aniseed 芥菜 和茴香

Dry your eyes. 擦干眼泪

I was going to mix in some syrup and figs .我要混合一些糖浆和无花果

Why on earth not. 为什么不是?

Thats about the size of it. 差不多

What is it you want to know? 有什么想知道?

A common room. 公共休息室

He would be hard at times, with a tongue like a razor. 他的嘴很伤人

She was a nasty of a piece of work. 她是下流坯子

He confessed . 招供

Its an invitation to talk about more, thats what. 是没话找话说。


Are you quite well? 你还好?

Im not great. 我不是很好。

I can drive the tractor. 拖拉机

You are lady not Toad of Toad Hall. 你是淑女不是癞蛤蟆先生。

Dont look so bewildered. 不要困惑。

They can dig sth up. 打听消息

Hes got broad shoulder. 他不会不管。

Can youhitch up the plough or whatever it is Im dragging? 你能拴好犁?

I just hope Mr Carthem doesnt spontaneously combust. 我只是希望卡森别把自己累坏了

Thats ever so fine. 做的真好

How ever can you make those big hands do such delicate work? 你怎么能让这些大手做这样微妙的工作?

I expect there is no end to the things they could manager. 没有什么不能做的

Giving you slap for a start. 先给你一巴掌

There is an art to it.有门道的。

Id be grateful if youd help me and play the footman. 如果你能帮我并扮演仆人,我会很感激

Shes a soppy sort. 自作多情

Was Mr xx thrilled to have your service? 高兴

What about your blighty? 你的伤怎么样?

It is lived up to it name. 起作用

He might have died for love of you. 爱你到心碎

Dont be nasty as soon as youve back. 刚回来积点德吧。

Imagine Mr Carson without footman , like a ringmaster without a pony. 没有小马的马戏团长

Well have none of your cheek. 别不要脸了

Im very sorry. 我非常抱歉。

I take my orders from xxx. 我服从xx

Were so pleased to have you here. 很荣幸你能前来

I hope the train wasnt too tiring. 没太舟车劳顿吧

Ill love him dearly , If he ever look up from the page. 抬头看一眼

When youve finished unloading. 搬完行李

Theyre working her like a packhorse in a mine. 他们还真把她当牲口使唤

Please tell her to come home in time to change. 不要没有时间换衣服

I cant possibly come. Mom is incorrigible.怎么可能去, 妈妈无药可救

Whats the point of Mamas soirees? What are they for? 妈妈的晚礼服有什么意义? 他们是为了什么?

You are backed then safe and sound. 你安然无恙

Thats not how Id put it with my hand the way it is, 这不是我如何用它的方式控制它,

Im grateful. 感激

Be glad to . 乐意之至

Is everything under controlled? 一切都在控制之下吗?

Mr xx seems a bit nervous? xx先生似乎有点紧张?

Stage fright. 怯场

Im a trouper. 撑得住

A broken heart can be as painful as a broken limb. 心痛也是切腹之痛

I wont guarantee the result. 不敢保证

Still in one piece.Thanks god.毫发无损 感谢上帝

Touching wood. 幸运罢了

Old acquaintance anyway . 旧识罢了

What do you think Mary sees him? 看上他哪点?

It seems I wont be going to the front after all.看起来我不用出面。

They only wanted a mascot . 他们只想要一个吉祥物

You must be quite a responsibility. 你责任重大

Spirits up. 士气大增

I leave public spirits up to government propaganda. 民众士气,还是留给政府吧

You need have no fear where thats concerned. 在这方面你不需要担心。


Were more than evenly matched. 我们旗鼓相当

Why aint it just ladies first? Wouldnt it be more polite? 为什么不是女士优先? 不是更有礼貌吗?

I wonder how he wangled that. 怎么混进去的?

What do you make of our plutocrat?你对我们的暴发户怎么看?

Mary needs a position and , preferably a powerful one.玛丽需要一个职位,最好是一个强大的职位。

You will find theres never a dull moment in this family. 一波未平一波又起

Well get you a coat. 我们会给你一件外套

Shows the way. 领路

I must trust dinner to you. 信任你们了

Id say the first course is the thing of the past. 我会说鸡飞蛋打了

Hes workingmuch too hard.他工作太辛苦了。

Clear up the mess. 收拾残局

There is no need.没有必要。

Make sacrifices. 牺牲

He looked like a rabbit in front of a snake. 他犹如惊弓之鸟

He seemed so solid when I met him. 当我遇到他时,他显得非常可靠

Even taciturn, 不苟言笑

Now he is a bundle of nerves. 紧张兮兮

I heard what you said to Matthew about the regiment. 我听说你对马修说过这个军团

Everyone else knows what a fool I made of myself.  其他人都知道我是丢人现眼

Isnt that enough? 不够?

He wants to hang up the livery before it got creased. 他想在制服折痕之前挂上衣服。

Thats very kind of you.谢谢您的好意

Lets hope my reputation will survive it.希望我的声望能够存活下来

I let myself get flustered. 我让自己手忙脚乱

Will we be seeing a lot of him?他会常来?

May I give you one piece of advice, my lady? 我的女士,我可以给你一个建议吗?

Tell him whats in your heart. 和他说说心里话

Youll regret all your life long. 你将会后悔一辈子

As if any man in his right mind could prefer Miss xx to you. 哪个正常的男人会选她不选你

Mr Carsons been boosting my confidence. 卡森先生一直在给我加油鼓劲

Id rather face it than dodge it. 我宁愿面对也不愿意逃避

Can we stop for a minute? 我们可以停一会儿吗?

Thistweedis too thick. 这外套太厚了

But Im not ashamed of being what they call a self-made man. 但我并不为白手起家感到羞愧。

My bold and modern value。我的胆大新潮

You flatter yourself. 你太抬举你自己了。

Pumping blood. 供血

Mary seems to have blotted her copybookin some way.玛丽似乎有名节上有影响

She needs a suitable marriage that will mend her fences. 她需要婚姻来改善她的人际关系

A peerage 富贵阶层

He may not be all that one would wish. 他并非十全十美

But Mary can soon smooth off the rough edges. 但玛丽很快就可以抹掉她的菱角

What do you mean by that? 你是什么意思?

A baronet 男爵

They were no great threat to the Plantagenets. 比不上 xx 王朝

The point is I made up for any social deficiencies. 关键是我弥补了社交上的不足


That blonde piece 那小丫头

You speak so eloquently of the human heart. 你说到人的心坎上

Vagaries 难以捉摸

Things cannot be as they were or whatever you might think. 事情不可能像现在这样或者像你的想象。
t let them walk all over you. 不要被他们打垮

Youve got to fight your corner. 你要奋战到底

Never mind 算了

How dare you threaten me. 你怎敢威胁我

I dont suppose you can drink out of a bottle. 我不认为你可以用喝一瓶

You wouldnt come here no more. 你不再来这里

 Although that wouldnt matter to you. 尽管这对你无关紧要

A midnight feast 夜宵

You dont have toslacken you pace. 你不用放慢脚步

Obstruction 障碍物

Social superior 上流社会

I had the deciding voice. 我有决定权

Redundant 累赘

I think you regret being honest less often than you regret telling lies. 诚实往往会比欺瞒少些遗憾

He must smuggled a razor into his bed. 把剃须刀偷带到床上

There was nothing to be done. 无力回天

I think very highly of you. 非常欣赏你

I cant help thinking . 我忍不住想

I can talk about love and moon and June all the rest of it you wish. 我可以和你谈风花雪月-所有你想要的话题。
We are strong and sharp. 我们坚强而锐利

Your proposal is improving by leaps and bounds. 你的建议正在突飞猛进

I promise to think about it properly. 我保证会周全地考虑它。

Im counting on it. 静候佳音

Whats the matter?怎么了?

He has to go a day early. 他必须提早一天。

Shes awfully cut up that I have to go early. 她是个让人非常伤脑筋的人,我得早点走。

A wasted journey 白跑一趟

Is there somewhere we can have a word? 有什么地方我们可以说一句话吗?

My sitting room 我的会客室

The most tremendous disturbance. 真是鸡犬不宁

There is so much good can be done. 这是行善积德的事情

Prodding and prying around the house 在房子周围四处窥探

To say nothing of pocketing of spoons. 小偷小摸

I hesitate to remind you. 恕我只言

What a treat to see you. 见到你太好了

How smart you look. 你看起来有多聪明

The dinning room 餐厅

Full of the joys of the war 兴冲冲的跑去战场

I cant pretend I am. 我不能掩饰

Like a metal cog is part of a factory, 九牛一毛;

A grain of sand is part of beach. 沧海一粟

I believer in what we are fighting for and I want to do my bit. 国家兴亡匹夫有责

Thats like asking the fox to spare the chicken. 你是在求狐狸饶了鸡?

Were like sweethearts. 我们像恋人

Too late for the second thought. 后悔也来不及了

It is not as simple as that. 这不是那么简单。

Its over. 都过去了

You sound as if you are going to gobble her up. 你像是要吞了她似的

Before I grow old and die.在我变老和死前。


I envy you . 羡慕你

You seem a bit preoccupied. 你看上去心事重重

Theyve fallen out. 他们断交了

They were invented from scratch. 白手起家

A rough diamonds 秀外慧中

He was just cut and polished comparatively recently. 被打磨抛光的有点晚了点

Heartless 无情

A conscientious objector 拒绝服兵役

Bossing 吆五喝六

Eat dirt 受侮辱

Ive changed my tune. 人会改变

Youve also got her ladyship wrapped her around your little finger. 玩弄于你掌心之中

Lenin denounce the bourgeoisie along the xx.列宁谴责xx沿线的资产阶级

You bark at me like sergeant major. 你像军士长一样对我吆五喝六的

Make your position so clear. 明确你的立场。

We will welcome in it any. 不管怎样我们会欢迎的。

To be packed up and shipped out 打包走人

Insane 疯了

Spoilsport 扫兴

A scheming harlot 荡妇

Unfaithful to me 不忠心

A little waspish 暴躁脾气

A package of strangers. 全是陌生人

This is all very impressive. 这非常令人印象深刻

Dont mind me. 别管我

Waved off 送别

Im needed in the kitchen. 我需要在厨房里。

There is plenty of time later on. 以后有很多时间。

Why must she be so savage. 不依不饶

It was her advice that wracked it in the first place. 这是她的建议,首先就把它弄糊涂了。

Shes never righteous than when shes in the wrong. 她越是不对越觉得是有理

I hope you havent unearthed anything too fearful. 我希望你没有发现任何可怕的东西。

A full compliment.完整的补充

She was hinting some uncovered some horrid stain. 她被发现了丑闻。


What a relief. 终于解脱了。

The only evidence Ive uncovered is that she is a charming person. 我发现的唯一证据是她是一个迷人的人。

What a testimonial.什么证言。

I havent slightest idea. 我没有丝毫的想法。

Do you know anyone in her sides?她有什么中意的人?

Are you sure she has no chap in mind? 你确定她没有中意的人?

How odd. 真奇怪

I had endless series of crushes in her age. 在她这个年纪,我时常心动

How can you say that Im too worldly. 你怎么能说我太过世故

To be disobeying my instruction 不遵守我的指令

It always happens when you give these little people 

power. 小人得志真是要不得。

It goes to the heads like strong drink. 他们会拿着鸡毛当令箭。

Thats really high-handed. 太自作主张了

You cant let him get away with it. 不能太让他放肆

I am just stunned. 我手足无措

I dont think asking permission is his strongest suit. 他不擅长征求别人意见

Im afraid he has a very little time to make up his mind. 没有时间犹豫不决

Widows dole 抚恤金

Ive had a very interest in this boy. 我对这个男孩很感兴趣。

Conscription 兵役?

Is that a argument in its favor? 我的话能帮你定夺?

I hope it not vulgar in me to suggest that you find some way to overcome your scruples. 勿怪我多有冒犯。还请你不必顾虑重重

I dont know what I expected but you cant help hoping. 我也不指望什么,但是仍然抱有奢望

She is very willing. 很勤快

He is making a problem where none exists. 小题大作

No-one could care less. 谁会在意

Run off with a chauffeur. 和司机私奔

It is nothing to bother you. 不必要你操心

Never make an enemy by accident. 不要轻易树敌

I dont see what can come of it. 不见得起什么作用

You cant object that . 你不能反对这

Im not kicking against the traces. 不想和他们作对

I'm expressing myself badly. 我没有表达清楚

To be declared bankrupt. 宣布倒闭


The earl who dropped the torch and let the flame go out. 一人失足,导致家业毁于一旦

I am blue in the face. 忙的晕头转向

Honeymoon 蜜月

Well stay there until we decide where to go. 我们会留在那里,直到我们决定去哪里 Stay (暂时)不等于live

Youll not be taking me with you . 不带我一起

Very eager . 很急

Why did no one tell me? 为什么没有人告诉我。

Youve got the willingness. 你能干

Youre not vain. 自大

Walking on stilts. 踩高跷

When I with her Ive reminded of the virtues of the English. 总能想起英国人的美德

Can I help myself? 我能自己来?

Are you all set for the wedding? 一切准备好了?

Is as much use to the county as a glass of hammer? 对社会一点用都没有?

We are all essential. 他们离不开我们

Do you make me brush? 你让我脸红?

There is no sign of him. 他杳无音讯

The first night of voyage. 航程的第一晚。

Im not often as Mr Barrow. 我极少同意他观点

I dont own a set of tails or a dinner jack .我没有一套燕尾服小礼服

A morning coat 大礼服

Ive been very clumsy. 笨手笨脚

I do apologize. 我很抱歉。

Insulting our country, insulting our king. 侮辱我们国家

I wouldnt want you to say Ive got too big for my foots. 我不想你说我得意忘形

Stiff and grand 生硬

One step at the time. 慢慢来

Its rather complicated. 一言难尽

Have you swapped with your evil twin? 你被换成了邪恶的双胞胎姐妹了?

Have you swallowed the dictionary? 这么能说,吞了字典?

So patronized 不受尊重

We will know him and value him . 我们理解他、器重他

Id best go upstairs. 我最好上楼去。

He is not too suicidal. 独自一人 不放心

(American) Have gun, will travel. 拿着枪敢闯天下

Lets make it a wonderful last. 划上完美的句号

You dont make it easier for them . 你也没有给他们好脸色看

She is pragmatist. 现实派

High-minded wives. 高贵的妻子们

You gonna sticker together. 团结一块

If youll excuse me. 恕不奉陪

From the prudential. 卖保险的


So pious. 死心眼

With the greatest enthusiasm. 荣幸之至

It is so strange to think of the English embracing change. 英国人也会改变啊

Dearest Mary. 最亲爱的玛丽。

To starts with I will need goats milk in the morning. 首先,我会在早上需要山羊奶。

Rather distantly. 远亲

Great-great- father 曾曾祖父

A son of earl. 伯爵

Inherit 继承

Sense of humor. 幽默

Humiliation and grief 耻辱与痛苦

She is like a homning pigeon. 像个信鸽

She finds our underbelly every time. 总是能找到我们软肋

I am a women of any parts. 我是多面女人

Slamming doors and shouting matches to come. 摔门、吵架

Its the most terrific fun. 最美妙的乐趣

Hurry up. 赶快。

Whats so thrilling. 激动人心

Love and position in one handsome package. 爱和地位都一起给

Who could ask more? 夫复何求

I should hate to be predictable. 我应该讨厌被预测。

If you have any problems with that definition, I suggest you can eat in the yard. 如果你对这个定义有任何问题,我建议你可以在院子里吃东西。

Whatever you say. 不管你说什么。

I dont doubt that the sun will rise in the east either. 我相信太阳从东边升起

She wont find out , unless you tell her. 你不说她不会知道。

She is very literal. 心直口快

That sounds rather inconvenient. 听起来相当麻烦

Xx has never let a matter of convenience, stand in the way of principle. Xx从来没有让方便,阻碍原则。

As the kettle said to the pot. 十步笑百步而已

I am afraid my hands are tied. 我也无能为力

I am grateful. 我很感激。

Dont tease her! 不要挑逗她!

I cant hold it any more. 我无法再坚持下去了

Overstep the mark. 越线

Youre letting yourself be defeated. 你让自己被打败。

Our compliment. 我们的赞扬

Im not your governess. 我不是你家庭教师

Youve gone through the hideous time. 你经历了可怕的时光。

You look very glamorous. 你看起来非常迷人

I thought Id make a bit of an effort. 我想我会做点努力。

How spoiling. 好豪华

You have a good cry. 痛快的哭

Fetch me a apron. 找条裙子给我

I just had a hunch. 我就是有预感

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